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How to market your products? Without online ads!

October 30, 2019

How to market your products? Without online ads!

Bringing in more traffic and sales is something that every retailer thinks about. But the questions remain: How do you get shoppers to come by and entice them to buy more from your store?

Retail displays and visual merchandising are — and will always be — essential in driving attention and conversions in brick-and-mortar retail. Studies have shown that much of the information that human beings process come through the sense of sight.

According to researchers Dr. L.D. Rosenblum, Dr. Harold Stolovitch and Dr. Erica Keeps, here is the breakdown of how our five sense processes information:

  • 83.0% – Sight
  • 11.0% – Hearing
  • 03.5% – Smell
  • 01.5% – Touch
  • 01.0% – Taste

Clearly, human beings are highly visual in nature, and this is a fact that is particularly important when you’re running a physical store. One of the main reasons why people decide to shop offline is to see merchandise in person, and this is all the more reason to design winning retail displays.

Read on for tips and examples of visual merchandising done right. Our hope is the following pointers would inspire your retail design efforts.

Promotional pricing

It’s not a newsflash that discounting products helps to increase demand, but there’s a fine line between a promotion and simply pricing yourself into a deficit.

It makes sense to go this route if the plan is to bring a large number of people into your store with the hope that customers will not only buy more because of the deals, but will return again and again because of the excellent service.

That’s why if you’re planning to advertise promotional pricing, you have to ensure that you have some something in your store that will get people to stick around and buy.

Be witty with your visuals

Promotional pricing has a strong psychological pull for consumers, as well. A simple red or yellow sale tag on a product causes customers to assume a product has a better value proposition than they could get somewhere else. And ending a price in the number “9” has been shown to increase sales — even if the two prices in question are $39 and a cheaper price point of $34, for example.

And don’t forget about running a promotion with the word “free” in it, such as “Buy one, get one free” or offering free shipping. This promotional tactic is effective because the consumer feels like they’re truly getting something for nothing, when in reality it’s the same thing as offering “50% off,” for example. The word “free” is universally known, whereas consumers often have trouble interpreting the meaning of percentage discounts.

Target runs “free” deals regularly, but does it in a strategic way. Check out the example below, where they give away a gree $15 gift card if the shopper spends $75 or more on baby products.

Store events

You have to give people a strong reason to visit your store, and having good products often isn’t enough. People can order anything online these days — and hopefully even from your own online marketplace — but what brings them through your doors?

Incentivize shoppers to come into the store for a free and on-brand event where they will not only be surrounded by tempting limited and “only available in stores” items, but also things like product demonstrations and services.

Take a look at what Birchbox in SoHo did earlier this year. To celebrate the unveiling of a new product, Birchbox had a launch event where shoppers can get free hair styling and 15% off when they spend $35 or more.

To drive store traffic, Birchbox set up a huge sign by the door advertising the event and their offers.

Know that sometimes, less is more


acrylic signs

Acrylic signs are made from a cast polymer that is colorless, transparent and durable and is a perfect substitute for traditional glass. Because of their depth, clarity, and beauty they are often used as lobby, directional, and architectural signage.

Acrylic signs are made with UV ink printed directly onto the material. However, they can also be used as rigid substrates for attaching vinyl lettering or print films like opaque and clear window decals.

Acrylic signs are excellent choices for a simple yet beautiful look for any office, business, or professional setting. They are 100% customizable and one of the best ways to showcase your logo or brand.

Point-of-purchase displays

Research has shown that more than 6o% of all decisions to buy something are made while people are shopping in a store, with more than 50% of those decisions considered an impulse buy. What that tells you is that point-of-purchase (POP) displays — those well-designed displays placed throughout the store — are an effective marketing tool.

Just think about walking through your grocery store checkout line and seeing all the magazines, candy, and other cheaper items just waiting to get thrown in your cart. You weren’t planning on purchasing them, but since they’re there and so reasonably priced, you figure, “Why not?” Strategically place your own POP displays throughout your store and along the path to checkout to encourage these impulse buys.

LED box display, light signage

Once again, Target does an excellent job implementing this tactic. Scattered throughout its stores are big, attractive POP displays that you just can’t help but check out.

Here at Beeanerd we're all about marketing your products, we focus on bringing more honey to your business.

We create signs that enhance your culture and reinforce your brand. With a wide array of options, including fully coordinated collections, custom solutions, and a variety of materials and substrates we give you the choices you need and the look you want.

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